WPH Regulatory Conference – November 3-4, 2021

2021 WPH Conference - November 3-4, 2021
WPH Regulatory Conference News Post

The Western Plant Health Regulatory Conference will take place virtually on November 3-4, 2021 from 8:30-noon (PST). This meeting will provide attendees with important information on pesticide regulations, as well as other activities that impact the pesticide and agricultural industry.

Topics that will be discussed at this conference are as follows: DPR’s priorities and goals for 2022, state of agriculture in California, pesticide registration issues, industry perspective on emerging regulatory trends impacting California pesticide use, and water and air quality issues related to pesticide applications.

Our staff will be available throughout this meeting to meet with you and answer any questions you have regarding our consultancy services.

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Melinda Bowman, Regulatory Affairs

Melinda is the lead Regulatory Affairs expert, managing multiple regulatory projects and providing clients with regulatory strategy recommendations.

Melinda has extensive experience in FIFRA regulatory compliance and product registration of agrochemicals and consumer products within the United States and Canada. She provides support and strategy for global pesticide registration actions, including support and coordination of the establishment of international MRLs, FDA 510(k) submissions and hand sanitizer listings. She specializes in following new developments in regulatory compliance project management for EPA and FDA regulated products as well as agrochemical and pharmaceutical product development.

Madeline Tomka, Regulatory Affairs

As a member of our US Regulatory Affairs team, Madeline assists clients with product registrations, registration package preparation, and operating as a study monitor.

Madeline has experience in various segments of the Ag Industry, built on her solid foundation of managing contract field research among a vast array of crop groups across the US. She has been responsible for critical research as Study Director and Principal Investigator conducting a vast array of studies to include pollinator terrestrial field ecotoxicology, large-scale pollinator tunnel, honey and nectar residue and other non-target insect studies with chemical and biological products.

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Cam Blackford, Regulatory Affairs

Cam is a part of the US Regulatory Affairs team assisting clients with product registrations, study monitoring, and field trial project management.

Cam has extensive experience in evaluating and testing agricultural crops and products. His background is in agricultural science and research including field, greenhouse, growth chamber and laboratory trials, experimental design, crop evaluation, data collection, data analysis and presentation. He is well versed in product development, pesticide laws and regulations. He maintains a PCA license. Cam has expertise in plant pathology and plant growth regulators, specializing in data interpretation and statistical analysis of agricultural field trials. Cam most recently was the Senior Field Trial Data Analyst with Arcadia Biosciences and has held research positions at the USDA, NASA, and Pioneer Hi-Bred International.

Jennifer Stafford, Terrestrial Ecotoxicology

Jennifer leads or participates in projects related to ecotoxicology, wildlife biology/ecology, GLP Compliance, database management, and USEPA guideline study management. Jennifer’s skills support product registration and regulatory staff, pesticide risk assessment, and endangered species assessments.

Jennifer has 22 years of field research and laboratory ecotoxicology experience, including 16 years of Good Laboratory Practice (GLP) avian and wildlife study directorship and laboratory management. She has extensive experience interpreting the difference between animal behavior in the wild versus in captivity, and how these differences impact study design, husbandry practices and test results. She has experience with developing and utilizing large data sets and is thoroughly familiar with EPA and OECD regulatory testing guidelines, Good Laboratory Practices guidelines, EPA and OECD guidance on pesticide risk assessment and EPA process for endangered species Biological Evaluation.

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Leah Duzy, Agricultural Economics

With a background in production agriculture and working lands conservation, Leah applies economic principles to risk and conservation decision-making to support agrochemical product development, assessment, and defense. She also provides applied economics research support through collaboration on federal grants and other projects. Her skills support pesticide benefit assessments and endangered species assessments.

Leah previously worked for the USDA Natural Resource Conservation Service and the USDA Agricultural Research Service as an agricultural economist for 15 years. She has worked in both the Federal conservation program and agricultural research arenas conducting applied economic research on conservation production systems, cover crops, and herbicide-resistant weed management, and preparing cost-benefit analyses for Federal conservation programs as part of the rulemaking process.

Jeremy Wilson, Business Development & Marketing

Jeremy leads marketing and business development efforts in North America and Latin America. He represents CSI at various industry trade associations and professional societies.

Jeremy has over 23 years of experience in regulatory affairs and product registration compliance with Federal, State, and International chemical regulations. His experience includes government agency interactions and determination of appropriate regulatory pathways to meet product registration objectives. He has prepared numerous registration submissions, placed and monitored necessary Good Laboratory Practice (GLP) studies to develop data and documentation, and served as the primary agency liaison for the registration process. Jeremy has expertise with biorational/biopesticide registration and Latin America regulatory requirements.

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