Pacific NW Insect Management Conference – January 10-11, 2022

Pacific NW Insect Management Conference - January 10-11, 2022
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Larry Brewer

Senior Science Fellow


The 81st Annual Pacific Northwest Insect Management Conference (PNWIMC) will be held virtually from 8:30 AM – 12:30 PM (PST) on January 10 & 11, 2022.

This conference will cover insect/arthropod pest research in field, row, vegetable, seed, small fruit, and other crops in the Pacific Northwest and Intermountain West. This is not a “spray” meeting only; reports dealing with biological control, IPM, info-chemicals, etc. will be presented during the general sessions, which can be viewed on the conference website.

Larry will be available throughout this meeting to meet with you and answer any questions you have regarding our regulatory and technical consultancy services.

Compliance Services International (CSI) is an award-winning consultancy providing innovative solutions to meet regulatory and environmental challenges. Regulatory requirements, environmental challenges, and global markets are ever-changing. Our diverse staff of regulatory professionals and scientists in North America and Europe, along with associates around the world, continually adapt to develop strategic approaches to meet our clients’ needs.

Experienced Support For:

  • Ecotoxicology & Risk Assessment
  • Environmental Fate & Exposure Modeling
  • Study Design, Placement & Monitoring
  • Spatial Analysis & Data Systems
  • Global Regulatory Strategy
  • Registration Dossier Preparation & Submission
  • Regulatory Strategy


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Larry Brewer
Senior Science Fellow

Expertise: Terrestrial Ecotoxicology

Larry specializes in wildlife, pollinator, and endangered species risk assessment; pesticide registration/re-registration support; and regulatory study placement and oversight.

Larry has over 35 years of experience spanning terrestrial ecotoxicology, laboratory ecotoxicology testing, ecological risk assessment and endangered species assessment. He is well known for designing and implementing full scale (Tier III) ecotoxicology field studies throughout North America with particular focus on avian, small mammal, and pollinator studies. Larry served as Director of Wildlife Toxicology for Smithers (17 years), and as President and Senior Scientist at Ecotoxicology and Biosystems Associates, Inc. directing domestic and international ecotoxicology field research, and ecological risk assessment (8 years). He was an Assistant Professor at the College of Human Health and Environmental Toxicology, Clemson University and the Wildlife Toxicology Section Lead in The Institute of Wildlife and Environmental Toxicology. He taught graduate courses in Wildlife Ecotoxicology and Field Research Techniques. He served as Field Research Leader for the Institute of Wildlife Toxicology, Western Washington University, and spent 17 years as a Wildlife Research Biologist with the Washington State Dept. of Wildlife. Larry has authored numerous publications and book chapters on topics of wildlife and pollinator ecotoxicology field research, and ecological risk assessment. 

BS, Fish and Wildlife Biology, Iowa State University.
MS, Wildlife Science, University of Washington.