OMRI Seal Usage Update for Industry

Effective July 1, Important changes to the OMRI Seals

OMRI (the Organic Materials Review Institute), the leading reviewer of input products for organic use, announced that the familiar OMRI Listed seal will now represent all OMRI Listed products, eliminating additional variations for products reviewed under the Canadian organic standards. A minor update to the optional wording below the Seal will provide additional consumer guidance, referring product users directly to to verify product use information.

The most significant change will be the phasing out of the OMRI Canada® and OMRI USA-Canada® seals (a process which will include a four-year grace period for affected suppliers), with an eye toward simplification and improved brand recognition. According to OMRI Executive Director/CEO Peggy Miars, “The OMRI Listed seal continues to represent quality and integrity to the end users and certifiers who rely on it. As OMRI continues to evolve and expand, a more flexible, universal Seal will best serve input suppliers, and leverage OMRI’s already strong brand recognition across markets.”

OMRI Seal Usage Update for Industry

With this shift to a single Seal to represent products that have completed OMRI’s rigorous review process, end users are encouraged to verify the ruling body and specific compliant uses of each product. Most OMRI Listed products have been reviewed for a specific use, while there may be other uses on the label that are not allowed in organic production. OMRI’s review process identifies any restrictions on the compliant use of an OMRI Listed product, but these restrictions are not typically reflected in product labeling. These “use restrictions” are always available in the OMRI Products Lists and on OMRI certificates, accessible via “Consistency is key,” continues Miars. “By directing organic producers and processors to a single, accurate resource, we can help to safeguard their operations’ compliance with the appropriate organic regulations.”

With nearly 8,000 OMRI Listed products now on the market, it is more important than ever for product users to visit the OMRI website to verify the complete and current product information. Pointing end users to resources at will help avert potential misunderstanding, while also combatting fraudulent product claims. “As always, producers are advised to verify product use information and consult their certification bodies regarding appropriate product uses,” says Miars.

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