Join us virtually at the 2021 SWCS Annual Conference

Soil and Water International Annual Conference - July 26-28, 2021
Soil and Water Conservation Society International Annual Conference - July 26-28, 2021

Join Leah Duzy, Principal Consultant specializing in Agricultural Economics, at the 76th Soil and Water Conservation Society (SWCS) International Annual Conference – One World, Connected through Conservation, virtually on July 26-28, 2021. This event will provide the opportunity to discuss conservation and natural resource management solutions from around the world.

CSI provides expertise in applied economic research with applications to regulated industries. Our background in production agriculture, working lands conservation, and economics facilitates our pragmatic approach to the economics of pesticides. We work with clients to characterize use and provide background information on pesticide usage, including incorporating the agronomic and economic significance of the product. We have provided public comments on proposed registration decisions, developed use profiles, and other topics related to agriculture and pesticide uses.

While our primary expertise is in agriculture and environmental economics, we apply the same principles to other regulated industries. We apply creative regulatory, economic, and environmental strategies to address our clients’ needs.

This year’s Soil and Water Conservation Society’s conference theme, “One World, Connected through Conservation,” “encompasses the shared resources on which all life depends, while recognizing local-level issues and management. For big and small landscapes, collective efforts are required to protect and sustain our soil and water resources. While conservation challenges brought on by universal pressures like climate change may produce wide-ranging effects in our respective geographies, the solutions we develop will share some commonalities: collaborations that span sectors and disciplines, practices informed by science, cutting-edge technology, modern environmental policy, and the individuals working diligently to protect and improve our natural resources. Professionals advancing conservation solutions through research and practice in public and private sectors will present their work, spanning topics that will include soil health, water resources, conservation management, climate change adaptation, and social science. Workshops, symposia sessions, and posters will showcase ideas, technologies, and practices, and foster a dialogue around their adoption. Projects presented will include work at the watershed, national, and international scales, emphasizing the global impact of local efforts.”

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