Join us Virtually at the 2021 Biocides Symposium

Biocides Symposium 2021 - 5-6 May 2021
Biocides Symposium - 5-6 May 2021

We will be attending the Biocides Symposium 2021, taking place virtually on 5-6 May.

Chemical Watch’s annual Biocides Symposium 2021 brings together leading figures from industry, member state competent and regulatory authorities, as well as the European Commission and Echa. 

The symposium’s discussions and presentations will include updates on sustainable use and innovation for biocides, efficacy, and on recent developments in the approval and authorisation processes and the enforcement of the BPR. In a panel discussion, key stakeholders will also debate the impact of the CSS on the biocides sector.

Meet our Team Members at the conference

Anna and Nick will be available throughout the conference to answer your questions and talk with you about our services.

  • USA & EU Pesticide Product Registration (Conventional, Antimicrobial/Biocide, Biopesticide, Registration Review, Data-Call In)
  • State Registration / Renewals Management
  • Product Label (Master  & Production) & SDS Support
  • Consumer and Industrial & Institutional (I&I) Product Support
  • Applied Economic Research, Agricultural & Food Policy Economic Impact Analysis
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Anna Rowbotham

Principal Consultant

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Nick Keeble


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