IR-4 Project Food Use Workshop – September 13-16, 2021

2021 IR-4 Workshop
2021 IR-4 Food Use Workshop

Meet our Staff at the IR-4 Project Food Use Workshop

The 2021 Food Use Workshop will take place virtually on September 13 – 16, 2021. Research priorities for food residue studies, efficacy and crop safety research, and integrated solutions projects for 2022 will be identified during this four-day virtual workshop.

Melinda and Cam will be available throughout this virtual meeting to meet with you and answer any questions you have regarding our consultancy services.

Melinda Bowman, Regulatory Affairs

Melinda has extensive experience in FIFRA regulatory compliance and product registration agrochemicals and consumer products within the United States and Canada. She provides support and strategy for global pesticide registration actions, including support and coordination of the establishment of international MRLs, FDA 510(k) submissions and hand sanitizer listings.

She specializes in following new developments in regulatory compliance project management for EPA and FDA regulated products as well as agrochemical and pharmaceutical product development.

Cam Blackford, Regulatory Affairs

Cam is a part of the US Regulatory Affairs team assisting clients with product registrations, study monitoring, and field trial project management.

Cam has extensive experience in evaluating and testing agricultural crops and agricultural products with a background in agricultural science and research including field, greenhouse, growth chamber and laboratory trials, experimental design, crop evaluation and data collection, data analysis and presentation. He is well versed in product development and pesticide laws and regulations, holding a PCA license with expertise in plant pathology and plant growth regulators. He specializes in the data interpretation and statistical analysis of agricultural field trials. Cam most recently was the Senior Field Trial Data Analyst with Arcadia Biosciences and has held research positions at the USDA, NASA, and Pioneer Hi-Bred International. 

Compliance Services International (CSI) is an award winning consultancy providing innovative solutions to meet regulatory and environmental challenges. Regulatory requirements, environmental challenges, and global markets are ever-changing. Our diverse staff of regulatory professionals and scientists in North America and Europe, along with associates around the world, continually adapt to develop strategic approaches to meet our clients’ needs.

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