We look forward to seeing you at the following events in 2022


May 11-12

CHEMUK Expo (Birmingham, UK)

May 11-13

Household & Commercial Products Association (HCPA) Mid-Year Meeting (Washington, DC & Virtual)

May 14-20

Joint Aquatic Sciences Meeting (JASM) (Grand Rapids, MI)

May 15-19

SETAC Europe 32nd Annual Meeting (Copenhagen, Denmark)

May 17-18

Biological Products Industry Alliance (BPIA) Annual Meeting (Monterey, CA)

May 23-25

Annual World BioProtection Summit & Awards (Birmingham, UK)

May 25-26

California Specialty Crops Council's Annual MRL Harmonization Workshop (San Francisco, CA)

May 11-12

The Biocides Symposium (Virtual)


July 11-15

Environmental Systems Research Institute (ESRI) International User Conference (San Diego, CA)

July 31 - August 3

77th Soil and Water Conservation Society (SWCS) International Annual Conference (Denver, CO & Virtual)


August 21-25

American Chemical Society (ACS) National Meeting: Agrochemicals (AGRO) Division (Chicago, IL & Virtual)


September 14

Washington State Commission on Pesticide Registration: Specialty Crop Tour (Cashmere, WA)

September 13-16

IR-4 Food Use Workshop (VIRTUAL)

September 26-October 1


September 28

CPDA Annual Meeting (VIRTUAL)


October 9-11

California Association of Pest Control Advisors (CAPCA) Conference (Anaheim, CA)

October 24-26

Annual Biocontrol Industry Meeting (ABIM) (Basel, Switzerland)


Washington Friends of Farms & Forests (WFFF) Pesticide Issues Forum (Lacey, WA)


November 1-2

Western Plant Health (WPH) Regulatory Conference (Sacramento, CA)

November 8-9

The BCPC Congress (Harrogate, UK)

November 13-17

Society of Environmental Toxicology & Chemistry (SETAC) North American 43rd Annual Meeting (Pittsburgh, PA)

November 30 - December 1

Chemical Watch Biocides Europe Conference (Vienna, Austria)


December 4-8

Household & Commercial Products Association (HCPA) Annual Meeting (Ft. Lauderdale, FL)
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