CSI Staff Presentations at the 2020 ACS AGRO Fall National Virtual Meeting – August 17-20, 2020

AGRO Program at Americal Chemical Society (ACS) Meeting - August 17-20, 2020
CSI Regulatory and Technical Consultant Presentations at the AGRO Program

The 260th ACS Fall National Virtual Meeting and Exposition (50th Anniversary) has come and gone and we’d like to highlight the Compliance Services International (CSI) staff presentations made at the virtual meeting – please find them below. 

On Demand Oral Symposia as Presented by:

Bernalyn McGaughey, President / CEO:


Leah Duzy, Principal Consultant / Agricultural Economist:


Ashlea Frank, Principal Consultant / Endangered Species:


  • Session Title: Towards an efficient and improved approach for assessing risks of pesticides to endangered species in the United States: Methomyl case study.
  • Co-Authors: D. Moore, C. Priest, S. Teed, M. Winchell, H. Rathjens, A. Frank, J. Giddings, N.J. Snyder, M. Kern, T. Blickley, P.L. Havens

Jennifer Stafford, Principal Consultant / Terrestrial Ecotoxicology:

  • Symposium Title: Integrating Species Conservation with Pesticides from Bench to Market
  • Session Title: Evaluation of the potential effects of pesticide registrations on listed species: A case study with methomyl and the Dakota skipper (Hesperia dacotae).
  • Co-Authors: A. Frank, L. Brewer, J. Stafford, L. Duzy, C. Jones, D. Campana, R. Kemman, B. McGaughey, P. Havens, T. Blickley

*Special mention to all CSI colleagues who participated in the development of oral presentations – Larry Brewer, Leah Duzy, Ashlea Frank, Jennifer Stafford, Chad Jones, David Campana, Rick Kemman, Jeff Giddings, and Bernalyn McGaughey.


Please check out CSI’s full page advert published in the PICOGRAM.

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