Chemical Watch Biocides Symposium – 2-3 May 2023

Chemical Watch Biocides Symposium - 2-3 May 2023

Join Compliance Services International (CSI) regulatory consultants Warren Scott and Stuart Green at Chemical Watch Biocides Symposium on 2-3 May, 2023 in Copenhagen, Denmark.

Stakeholder topics of interest this year include:

  • Latest updates on European biocidal regulations;
  • Regulatory processes and assessment updates in the European biocides sector;
  • The assessment of endocrine disrupting chemicals under the BRP;
  • Sustainability and the BPR;
  • A panel discussion on how to increase public awareness of biocides in a blanced way;
  • International updates

Warren and Stuart will be present throughout the event to meet with you and answer any questions you have regarding CSI’s regulatory and technical consultancy services. To contact them directly, please click the below “Contact Us” button to send an email.

Warren Scott's Picture

Warren Scott

Principal Consultant

United Kingdom

Stuart Green's Photo

Stuart Green

Senior Consultant

United Kingdom

Compliance Services International (CSI) is an award-winning consultancy providing innovative solutions to meet regulatory and environmental challenges. Regulatory requirements, environmental challenges, and global markets are ever-changing. Our diverse staff of regulatory professionals and scientists in North America and Europe, along with associates around the world, continually adapt to develop strategic approaches to meet our clients’ needs.

CSI has an established reputation in supporting registration of a range of biocidal/antimicrobial products including disinfectants, sterilizers, preservatives, and unique biocidal/antimicrobial applications. We support clients introducing their products in North America and European markets through cost-effective strategies.

In Europe, we assist with active substance approval and biocidal product authorizations to comply with the requirements for the European Economic Area (EEA) (i.e. EU27 plus Iceland, Liechtenstein and Norway). With the new GB BRP regulation now in force for Great Britain, CSI is able to offer GB Article 95 representative support for EU companies.

In the US, we help clients with US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) regulated biocidal/antimicrobial products, label generation and amendments, as well as State registration management.

We also support the global marketplace and have successfully assisted firms with registrations in Canada, Latin America, Asia (China/Taiwan), Australasia, and other geographical markets.

Experienced Support For:

  • Registration Dossier Preparation & Submission
  • Regulatory Strategy
  • Data Review & Evaluation
  • Hazard, Exposure, & Risk Assessments for Human Health & Environment
  • Task Force Management
  • Litigation Support
  • Endocrine Disruptors
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Warren Scott
Principal Business Development Consultant

Expertise: Business Development, Marketing & Regulatory Consulting

Warren shares a direct consulting role for Industrial Chemicals (REACH), Biocides and Cosmetics, with a Business Development remit for CSI’s European office.

Warren has over 30 years’ experience in laboratory contract research, business development for contract research organizations, and the consulting sector. His experience encompasses projects in various business sectors including plant protection, chemical, biocidal and cosmetic products. Warren qualified as a Soil Scientist and prior to joining CSI held scientific and business development positions at Inveresk Research and Wildlife International.

BSc (Hons) Soil Science, University of Aberdeen.

Stuart Green
Senior Consultant

Stuart specialises in the preparation of dossiers for Biocides and provides technical support for REACH and Plant Protection.

Stuart has over 12 years regulatory affairs experience and previously worked as a Biocides Regulatory Manager for Lonza (now Arxada) and has held Regulatory positions with BWA (now Italmatch) Water Additives and ThermoFischer Scientific. He has experience with active substance registrations under the EU-BPR Review Program, and notification/authorisation of biocidal products, as well as classification and labelling and SDA authoring. Stuart is an industry advocate and active member of trade association expert groups and task forces.

Ph.D., Organic Chemistry, Newcastle University.
MSc, Environmental Toxicology & Pollution Monitoring, Ultster University (in progress).
BSc (Hons), Chemistry, University of St. Andrews.