Chem Academy International Congress – 19-20 September

Chem Academy International Congress – 19-20 September
Anna Rowbotham's Picture

Anna Rowbotham

Principal Consultant

United Kingdom

Principal Consultant Anna Rowbotham will be attending the Chem Academy 7th International Conference on Endocrine Disruptors in Frankfurt, Germany on 19th & 20th September 2022. 

The conference’s two-day programme covers various aspects of the regulatory framework for endocrine disruptors, including elements of the EU guidance, assessments under crop protection, biocides and chemicals regulations, testing guidelines, and a global perspective on endocrine disrupting legislation. The Congress brings together individuals from academia, industry, regulatory and governmental agencies with a shared interest in this key issue. 

Anna will be present throughout the event to meet with you and answer any questions you have regarding CSI’s regulatory and technical consultancy services. To contact Anna directly, please click the below “Contact Us” button to send her an email.

Compliance Services International (CSI) is an award winning consultancy providing innovative solutions to meet regulatory and environmental challenges. Regulatory requirements, environmental challenges, and global markets are ever-changing. Our diverse staff of regulatory professionals and scientists in North America and Europe, along with associates around the world, continually adapt to develop strategic approaches to meet our clients’ needs.

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Anna Rowbotham
Principal Consultant

Expertise: Toxicology & Human Health Risk Assessment

Anna is a member of the UK management team who provides consultancy support and strategic advice for registration dossiers, toxicology, and human health risk assessments for plant protection products, biocides, and industrial and specialty chemicals.

Anna has over 25 years of experience in toxicology, exposure modelling, and human health risk assessment gained in senior scientific and management positions in consultancy, regulatory (HSE), the agrochemical industry, LGC Ltd., and the MRC Institute for Environment and Health. She has led multi-disciplined teams of specialists to deliver high quality technical and scientific services and advice to clients in the different industrial sectors and has managed programmes of technical support and research for the UK Competent Authority. Anna has authored high quality critical reviews on contemporary chemical risk assessment issues and has provided training in the field of human health risk assessment. Anna is a Member of the British Toxicology Society.

Ph.D., Neurotoxicology, University of Aston.
BSc (Hons), Biochemistry, University of Wales.