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September 8, 2021

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Bernalyn McGaughey    President / CEO

LAKEWOOD, WA- Compliance Services International (CSI) is pleased to announce the addition of Cam Blackford as Senior Consultant to our global regulatory consulting team. Cam will contribute to regulatory support for plant protection products including biologicals/biopesticides, biostimulants, antimicrobials/biocides, and conventional chemical products in the US. This exciting new additions to our staff comes as CSI passes 33 years of providing regulatory and scientific consulting support services to industry. Since 1988, we have expanded our client base, extended our international outreach, and increased our visibility and depth as a regulatory and scientific consulting firm. This period is marked with milestones, turning points and retooling as we endeavor to stay ahead of events and anticipate our clients’ changing needs. We continue to face new and emerging regulatory and scientific challenges with our clients through our staff in the United States, the United Kingdom, and the European Union. We are pleased to make Cam’s talents available to you and ask you to join us in welcoming this regulatory professional to our team!

Cam is a part of the US Regulatory Affairs team assisting clients with product registrations, study monitoring, and field trial project management.

Cam has extensive experience in evaluating and testing agricultural crops and agricultural products with a background in agricultural science and research including field, greenhouse, growth chamber and laboratory trials, experimental design, crop evaluation and data collection, data analysis and presentation. He is well versed in product development and pesticide laws and regulations, holding a PCA license with expertise in plant pathology and plant growth regulators. He specializes in the data interpretation and statistical analysis of agricultural field trials. Cam most recently was the Senior Field Trial Data Analyst with Arcadia Biosciences and has held research positions at the USDA, NASA, and Pioneer Hi-Bred International. 

He will be working out of a satellite office in California and can be reached by contacting our Lakewood office at 253-473-9007.

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Cam Blackford
Senior Regulatory
Affairs Consultant

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