Beltwide Cotton Conferences – January 10-12, 2023

Beltwide Cotton Conferences - January 10-12, 2023

Come join Compliance Services International (CSI) staff technical and regulatory consultants Ashlea Frank and Leah Duzy at the 2023 Beltwide Cotton Conferences January 10 through 12 at the New Orleans Marriott, New Orleans, LA, sponsored by the National Cotton Council.

Ashlea and Leah will be available throughout the conferences to meet with you to answer any questions you have regarding our regulatory and technical consultancy services, specifically as they to pertain to endangered species. To contact our staff prior to the conference, please click the below “contact us” button to send an email. Otherwise, contact them directly while attending the conference.

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Ashlea Frank

Principal Consultant


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Leah Duzy

Principal Consultant


At Compliance Services International (CSI), our primary focus includes the complex interface between the ESA and FIFRA, the regulation under which the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) registers pesticides. We knew this was coming, and many of our clients have taken steps to let us prepare them to be ahead of the curve on this newly announced development. We assess risk to ESA-listed species from the use of pesticides and help identify ways to mitigate potential impacts. Our staff are experts in applying best available data and regulatory insights to develop informed and defensible recommendations to support each step of the risk assessment and consultation process. This new program could have very serious implications that are yet to play out. Don’t be caught unprepared to deal with the interface of your products with endangered species assessment and mitigation.

CSI has an established reputation in supporting registration of a range of pesticide products. We support clients introducing their products in North America and European markets through cost-effective strategies.

In the US, we help clients with US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) pesticide products, label generation and amendments, as well as State registration management.

We also support the global marketplace and have successfully assisted firms with registrations in the United Kingdom, European Union, Canada, Latin America, Asia (China/Taiwan), Australasia, and other geographical markets.

Experienced Support For:

  • Project Scoping
  • Agency Interaction
  • Spatial Analysis & Data Systems
  • Conservation & Mitigation Measures
  • Economic Impact Analysis
  • Information Management & Reporting
  • Endangered Species Policy
  • Task Force Representation & Administration
  • Programming & Statistical Analysis
  • Global Regulatory Strategy
  • Registration Dossier Preparation & Submission
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Ashlea Frank
Principal Consultant

Expertise: Endangered Species

Ashlea offers technical and regulatory planning and strategic support for risk and conservation decision-making related to agriculture, pesticides, and endangered species issues.

Ashlea enjoys finding workable solutions that support end users and promote environmental stewardship by integrating sound science with management decisions.  Over the past 20 years she has acted as Visiting Scientist at the Queensland Institute of Medical Research conducting research on the efficacy of vector control products and Research Assistant at the Texas A&M Extension Agency helping growers find solutions to plant disease transmission in vineyards. She serves as Technical Consultant to the FIFRA Endangered Species Task Force (FESTF) providing endangered species and pesticide data analysis and agency interaction support for regulatory decisions under the US FIFRA and the Endangered Species Act (ESA).

M.S., Entomology, University of Queensland.
B.A., Physical Anthropology, Southwestern University.

Leah Duzy
Principal Consultant

Expertise: Agricultural Economics

With a background in production agriculture and working lands conservation, Leah applies economic principles to risk and conservation decision-making to support agrochemical product development, assessment, and defense. She also provides applied economics research support through collaboration on federal grants and other projects. Her skills support pesticide benefit assessments and endangered species assessments.

Leah previously worked for the USDA Natural Resource Conservation Service and the USDA Agricultural Research Service as an agricultural economist for 15 years. She has worked in both the Federal conservation program and agricultural research arenas conducting applied economic research on conservation production systems, cover crops, and herbicide-resistant weed management, and preparing cost-benefit analyses for Federal conservation programs as part of the rulemaking process. 

Ph.D., Agricultural Economics, Auburn University.
M.S., Agricultural Economics, Purdue University.
B.A., Economics, The University of the South.