A message from Bernalyn McGaughey, President / CEO, Compliance Services International (CSI)

Bernalyn McGaughey's Picture

To all of our clients and contacts, I hope this email finds you safe and well.  We at Compliance Services International (CSI) are in “business as usual” mode and expect no interruptions or change in our services or responsiveness. CSI has long been operating with several of our staff members working from home and satellite offices across the United States (US) and in the European Union (EU), so we are very functional in a virtual office setting. Our IT support and other supporting external resources have also assured us that there will be no interruption in services to us. We have suggested to staff that they not travel for the next several weeks, unless absolutely necessary for client business, but if required we will accommodate whatever in-person services our clients need.

Be Safe – In this time of reduced on-site work or group events, and cancelled sport and recreational events, take meaningful time to share a special togetherness with your family and closest friends.  Express thanks to respondents and our medical community, and reach out to those in need.

Best Regards  ~   Bernalyn

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